• Andrew Huff

Announcing a Brand New Series!

I've got some really great news to share: I have signed a contract with Kregel Publications to write a brand new suspense series tentatively titled the Task Force Phantom series!

Dramatization of my reaction to the news

This new series is focused much more on international espionage than my previous series, but it is going to feature the same mix of intense action, biblical values, and exciting twists that the Shepherd Suspense series is known for.

I don’t want to give away too many details right now, but the main thing I’ll leave you with is that the Task Force Phantom series will feature some of the characters that have already been a part of my current series, so you can definitely consider it a part of the John Cross universe. Or maybe I'll call it the Cross Universe. Oh, wait! I know...

The Crossaverse.

You know what, I'll keep workshopping the name of my shared universe of fiction. In the meantime, be sure to stay connected to my website and social platforms so you'll be notified of all the new information about Task Force Phantom as it becomes available.

I couldn't help myself, but to give you a quick glimpse into the world of Task Force Phantom, I made a teaser trailer. Check it out!


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