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Introducing: Books & Brew

My journey to becoming a published novelist was long and arduous. Hours upon hours of reading, writing, and repeating. One of the things that I found indispensable in the process was learning from other authors. I especially enjoy interacting with authors through conferences, workshops, and critique groups.

Along the way, I've also discovered that when I write I love to have a cup of coffee right beside me. As a matter of fact, many, many, many chapters of mine were not only written while drinking coffee but written inside of a coffee shop. As I've gotten to know other authors, I've discovered the same is often true of them as well. We all love to have some beverage at the ready while crafting imaginary worlds.

Recently, I came up with the idea to put those two things together in a brand new video series debuting on my YouTube channel called Books & Brew. I loved getting to chat with other authors, but I also became interested in not only learning about what kind of brew they like to drink while writing but trying their beverage out myself. This series will introduce you to fiction authors you both know and may not know, learn what their favorite writing drink is, and hear about their secrets to writing great fiction.

Take a look at the first episode in the series featuring award-winning author Jaime Jo Wright!


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